We determine how best to impact a client's bottom line and then implement an integrated approach to effectively win and hold mindshare. Expect fresh ideas, creative concepts, savvy service, and an unmatched expertise and energy every step of the way.



This crucial element is the building block of each of our campaigns. We develop core messaging that personifies each brand and speaks directly to clients'  target audiences, influencing them in such a powerful way that it incites action.




Whether we are managing a singular project or all encompassing program, our philosophy remains the same…be strategic and stay smart. Using as many or as few tactics as necessary, J. Wade Public Relations develops customized campaigns that achieves client goals.




Our results are impressive. We maintain strong relationships with industry veterans and new media alike. Given these personal connections, and the caliber of our clients and story lines, we deliver top-tier coverage continuously.




We have a finger on the pulse and connections to coveted lifestyle brands across industries. From Fortune 500 corporations to artisan organizations, we bring together like-minded companies in fresh ways for maximum impact.




The lifestyles of notables are aspirational and people take great strides to mirror them. We have the ability to harness the power of celebrity and boast a proven track record of establishing barter-only agreements (a rarity for the caliber of celebrity we secure) with on-brand influencers.




In this digital age, there remains no substitute to face-to-face engagements. Time to impress with a large-scale production? Or is an intimate gathering more effective?  We design and execute events that reflect individual brands and leave lasting impressions.




The power of social media is increasing and ever-evolving.  We have specialists dedicated to staying on the front lines of this modern medium. Profile creation, content production, daily management, channel monitoring, audience acquisition and engagement, targeted advertising, detailed reporting. We do it all as a part of a strategy that aligns with the client’s overall campaign, integrating traditional tactics and smart thinking with innovative concepts and cutting edge tools.